Diptych and Triptych

For my Diptych I chose to use 2 contrasting images to show the craziness of this pandemic; an empty gym and a parking a parking lot turned into a full gym. I used the weights and fake grass rug as leading lines that lead the viewers eyes around the photos. Like wise with the Triptych,Continue reading “Diptych and Triptych”

Ways of Seeing Composition

asymmetrical composition, by putting my larger object, my computer, in front and 2 smaller objects, my skull succulent and lamp, in the background to add balance to the photo. Birds eye view, ( though it is also a great example of perfect timing) this one I used the fence to frame the sunset in theContinue reading “Ways of Seeing Composition”

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About Me

Hi, I’m Taeya Yenche; a Digital Arts, Media and Design Major at California State University San Marcos pursuing a career in Graphic Design and Marketing. I love art, health, exercise, reading big books , and Star Wars.

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